Where Should You Buy Hoverboards for Kids?

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Are you thinking about buying a hoverboard for your kids?

There are many factors to consider before buying a hoverboard. Before buying you should decide what company and size hoverboard you want to buy for your kids. Regardless of what you decide on, one thing that must be stressed is that you should always buy a UL2272 certified hoverboard.

Before I get into that, let’s discuss where to buy a hoverboard for your kids.

There are many options available. You can buy hoverboards from physical stores like bestbuy, Walmart, etc. near your location. If you don’t want to worry about the hassle, you may just buy them from an online store like Amazon or eBay. Or another option you have is that you can directly buy from the hoverboard producer’s website like Razor.com, Swagtron.com or thepowerboard.com.

Let’s discuss these buying steps in more detail –

Buying Steps

Decide Which Hoverboard to Buy

Determine Hoverboard Size

Before you buy a hoverboard for the kids, you need to decide which size you want to buy. Not every size is suitable for every kid, so your needs may vary. Things to be considered include age, height, weight, and balance skill.

I personally like 6.5 inch wheel hoverboards for kids. One of the reasons is that there is a lot of variety to choose from on the marketplace. So that means that there are many options for choosing a good hoverboard within this size range.

If your kid’s age is 8 or up, you can use this size hoverboard easily. However, I have seen even 5 year old kids ride 6.5 inch hoverboards easily. The most important thing to consider is balance. If your kid doesn’t have good balance, a hoverboard can be a good way to improve it. However, a smaller base on the hoverboard will allow for a safer and easier situation for them to practice and work their way up to the 6.5 inch board.

Once the kids learn how to keep their balance on the hoverboard, it will be very easy for them. At first, though, it may be a little tough for them to stay upright.

Therefore, for safety purposes, always use helmets and pads. Staying nearby while they practice will be important too, to make sure that they don’t fall and get hurt.

If the age of the kid is less than 5 years or if the kid is lighter, you may need to buy a 4.5 inch hoverboard. This will allow for a safer and easier opportunity to practice as they build up to using a larger board when they are older.

It is harder to find a 4.5 inch hoverboard. Finding a hoverboard in that size that is high quality is even harder. On eBay you will be able to find some 4.5 inch hoverboards if you look carefully.

In general, if possible and appropriate, you should buy a 6.5 inch wheeled hoverboard for your kid.


Children’s’ safety is important!


It is always advised to wear a helmet, knee pads and wrist pads while riding a hoverboard. Don’t ignore kid’s safety. If possible, buy those things at the same time as the hoverboard.

Always buy UL2272 certified hoverboards. This is a certification that guarantees high quality materials and safety in construction. The cheap and uncertified hoverboards tend to catch on fire while charging, so avoid them.


Some Popular Hoverboards for Kids


SWAGTRON T5 Entry Level Hoverboard for Kids/Young Adults:


This is great for kids who are just starting to learn how to ride. It looks great! One of the benefits is that this hoverboard has a learning mode. In learning mode, the user will not be able to ride the hoverboard at high speed. So the risk of falling or crashing is lower. This is also one of the most affordable high-quality hoverboards on the market.


Razor Hovertrax 2.0

If you have a higher price range you may go for Razor Hovertrax 2.0.
Razor claims that they have built it with Razor’s exclusive EverBalance technology, so it should be easier to maneuver. The blue LED lights make it look good too.

Swagtron T580 App-Enabled Bluetooth Hoverboard

This is another affordable hoverboard. It can also be connected via an Android or iOS app.

With the help of app and built-in speakers you will be able to change modes, access a map function, check batteries status, & play music during rides.

This sport hoverboard travels up to 8 miles per charge and carries riders between 44-220 lbs.

The Swagtron T580 actually has three riding modes- beginner, intermediate, and advanced. These different difficulty levels make this board a perfect choice for anyone, regardless of ability!


Let’s go Buy a Hoverboard for the Kids

Once you have decided what to buy, it’s time to buy one!

Did you have trouble deciding? No problem. The following shops have so many options, so you will easily be able to find the hoverboard that fits your requirements.


Buy from Physical Shop



Walmart has one of the biggest collections of hoverboards I have found so far. You may also buy from Walmart online. If you find one near your home you may take your kid there and choose from a variety of hoverboards. You may check this link and look at the variety that they currently offer.

Best Buy:

Best Buy is another good option. Best buy is one of the biggest electronics retailers there is. Check this link to check, as they also have a lot of options.



Target also sells hoverboard. However, they do not have as much of a variety of options available. Check this link to see what they currently have to offer.


Buy Online



Amazon is a great option, as they have multiple sellers offering their products, so they maintain quality. It is worth noting that they sell only UL2272 certified hoverboards. Here is the Amazon link. They are reliable retailer.

Just go to Amazon.com, search for hoverboards, make your choice, and buy it! If they support your location, they will ship the hoverboard to your desired address, sometimes in as little as two days.

Link: https://www.amazon.com/slp/hoverboard-kids/uzhsxyd9veu5357


From eBay you may find some cheap hoverboards that you may not find in amazon. However, personally I wouldn’t suggest that you buy cheap hoverboards due to safety issues, including risk of fire and poor quality craftsmanship.

However, if you want to buy a 4.5 inch wheeled hoverboard, then check for them on eBay. Most likely, you will not be able to find them on Amazon or Walmart anywhere near as easily as you will on eBay.


Link: https://www.ebay.com/b/Kids-Hoverboard/47349/bn_55190240


Buy Directly from Hoverboard Companies



You can directly buy swagtron hoverboards from their website. The benefit of this is that you are directly buying from a renowned brand, so you know that you are getting the quality you pay for. If you buy from a small unreliable retailer, it may be risky.

If the retailer sells you a low quality chinese hoverboard, it will be risky for your kids; if the retailer never sends you the product at all, you will have wasted your money.

Link: https://swagtron.com/product-category/hoverboard/


Razor hoverboards are very nice. They not only sell hoverboards but also many other toy vehicles. They don’t have that large of a variety of collection of hoverboards, but the ones they sell are still high quality.

Last time I checked, they were selling only 2 models of hoverboards. But the thing is all of their hoverboards, and their other products, are of high quality.

Their main 2 hoverboard products are the Razor Hovertrax 2.0 and the Razor Hovertrax DLX 2.0.

However, they typically are not selling directly from their website. On their website if you try to buy a hoverboard, they will redirect you to Amazon.com to buy it from there instead.


Link: https://global.razor.com/bd/products/ride-ons/hovertrax-2-0-hover-board/



If you have enough time on hand I will suggest you to go Walmart with your kids and buy a hoverboard from there. Remember, buy a helmet and safety pads too. Make sure that your kids understand that it is important that they wear these every time they ride their new hoverboard.

However, if you are in a hurry or on the go, just go to amazon.com. They have a very big collection to choose from. If you buy from them online, they will deliver the board to your home quickly.

If you have any additional information about this topic, please let me know in the comments section. It will help other people who are trying to buy a hoverboard for their kids, so everyone can get a high quality, safe product.


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