Speed of Power wheels: How fast the power wheels actually go

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Whenever I think about buying a power wheel for a child, I am often anxious about the speed of it.

Is it too slow? Or is it too fast?

When I studied the market, I found that there are power wheels with different speed levels. Now it is easy to find a suitable power wheel for a child.

So, how fast the power wheels go?

There are various models of power wheels in the market. Different models of power wheels have different speed levels. There are power wheels with a forward speed of 1 mph, 2 mph, 2.5 mph, 3 mph, 3.5 mph, 5 mph, and 6 mph. Some of the power wheels have parental speed lock. If you remove the speed lock, then the speed of the wheel will get higher. Besides, the speed of the power wheel depends on the quality of the riding surface. e.g., the speed will be higher on a solid surface than it is on grass. Also, If the weight of the rider crosses the maximum weight limit, then the speed limit of the wheel may get lower.


Let us discuss about it in more details …


Power wheels speed and quality of the surface


The power wheel Thomas comes with train track. On the train track, the maximum speed of Thomas is 1 mph.

Thomas can also run without the track. Without the train track, the maximum speed of Thomas is 2 mph which is double. It will be 2 mph if he rides on a solid surface.

For Thomas as well as other power wheels, the quality of the floor also determines the maximum speed of the power wheel. Their peek performance will be visible if they run on a solid surface like a solid floor. However, if the surface is wet and/or soft, then you may not observe the highest speed there.


Power wheel’s speed and parental lock


Many power wheels (i.e., jeep wrangler, dune racer, ford mustang, etc.) come with a parental lock system. They provide two types of speed limit. If we remove the parental lock from the wheel, the forward speed of the motor becomes double.

For example, with a parental lock, the speed of jeep wrangler is 2.5 mph. However, if you remove the parental lock the forward speed of the wheel will become 5 mph (while the backward speed will remain the same)


Power wheel speed and the weight of the rider


If you look at the specification before buying any power wheel, you will find that every power wheel provides a maximum weight limit.

If the weight limit of the riders crosses the maximum weight limit described in the power wheel’s specification, then the power wheel may not show proper performance. In those cases, you may observe the reduction of speed.

For example, for the power wheel wild things, the maximum weight limit is 100 lbs, and the maximum speed limit is 5 mph forward. However, if an adult of 200 lbs ride on it, will you find it running 5 mph still now? I don’t think so…


Power wheels speed and battery voltage


Power wheels mainly use two different types of batteries and motors. They are 6 volt and 12 volt. Some other companies use higher voltage like 24 volt or even 36 volt.

You will find that the wheels that use 6 volt motor and battery have a speed limit around 2 to 3 mph. On the other hand, the 12 volt wheels have a speed limit around 4-5 mph.


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