Difference between 12v and 6v ride on cars, you need to know

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If you want to buy a ride on car for the kids, then you have probably found the term 12v or 6v cars. I was also confused about what they are and what are the differences between them.

12v cars use 12-volt motor and battery, 6-volt cars use 6-volt motor and battery. As a result, 12-volt ride on cars have more power, more speed and need more charging time than 6-volt cars. 12-volt vehicles are suitable for 3 to 6 years old kid whereas 6-volt cars are generally for 1 to 3 years old.

Let’s discuss them in more detail.

12v ride on cars have a higher speed than 6v ride on cars

The speed of a ride on car depends on many features such as weight, number of seats, etc. However, generally, a 12-volt car has a higher speed than 6-volt cars.

How fast does a 12v ride on go? 

As 12-volt ride on cars use 12-volt motors, they produce higher power. The maximum speed of a 12v power wheel can be 4mph to 5 mph.

How fast does a 6v ride on go?

 As 6-volt motors are used in 6v cars, they produce less power than a 12 volt car. The maximum speed of 6-volt ride on power wheel can be from 2 to 3 mph.

12-volt car needs more charging time than a 6-volt car

 It takes more time to fully charge a 12v car than a 6 volt car.

Time required to charge a 12-volt car

The first time a 12 volt car needs to be charged for approximately 18 hours. After that, for regular use, they should be changed for 12 hours for being fully charged.

Time required charge a 6-volt car

 It takes a lower amount of time to charge 6-volt cars. Initially, you have to charge it for 10 hours. For daily use, you will have to charge them for 6 hours for full changing.

6v cars are good for indoor use while 12 volt cars are good for outdoor use

I have already mentioned that 12 volt cars produce more power. As a result they are very good for outdoor activities. Because of their higher power, they can easily go through rough surfaces.

On the other hand, 6 volt ride on cars have less power, as a result, they are very good for indoor uses but not good enough for outdoor activities.

12v ride on cars are for 3 to 6 years old kids while 6v cars are for 1 to 3 years old kids

6-volt cars have less power, less speed and are perfect for indoor activities. For this reason, they are very suitable for kids of 1 to 3 years old. It is very safe for them too.

On the other hand, when the kids are a little more grown up, parents feel safer to involve them on outside activities. 12 volt cars are perfect for that purpose. If you want your children to drive cars in the garden in front of your house, then a  12 volt car is perfect for it. So 12 volt cars are more suitable for 3 to 6 years old kids.

12 volt cars may have 2 seats whereas 6 volt cars generally have 1 seat

 This actually depends on the design. However, generally most of the 12 volt cars have two seats. On the other hand, most of the 6 volt cars have one seat.

There’s a reason behind this. As 12 volt motors have higher power they are capable of carrying 2 children. On the other hand, 6 volt motor has lower power. For this reason, generally they are designed to carry one child.

What does the ‘v’ mean in 12v and 6v ride on cars

The ‘V’ in 12v or 6v refers to voltage. In simple words, it is a measure of electrical power. A 6v car runs on 6 volt motor. This means  6 volt car needs less power to run it. 

On the other hand, as 12 volt cars use 12v motor, they need more power than 6 volt cars to run. Which also means, they are more powerful and more suitable to run on rough and bumpy surfaces.

12v or 6v? Which one is right for your kid?

It actually depends on the age of the child. Also, it depends on where will you let your children to drive it.

If your kid is 1 to 2 years old, then they are supposed to drive the car indoors. In that case, you should go for a 6 volt ride on car.

However, if you have older kids who may drive the car outside of the house, then going for a 12 volt car will be a good idea.

12v or 6v? Which one is safer?

 I should say both are safe if you buy the cars according to the kid’s age requirement. Don’t forget to maintain the safety rules for your kids. I will recommend buying a power wheel as they test each of their models thoroughly.

However, if you are very much concerned about safety then you should buy a 6 volt car.

Real life Example of difference between 6 volt car and 12 volt car

Jeep Wrangler 6 volt VS. Jeep Wrangler 12 volt


Jeep Wrangler 6 volt: $137

Jeep Wrangler 12 volt: $299

6 volt cars are way cheaper than 12 volt cars. In this case, it is less than half.


Jeep Wrangler 6 volt: 26.38 x 16.93 x 38.19 in

Jeep Wrangler 12 volt: 47 x 30.5 x 33 in

As 12 volt cars have higher power they generally have stronger build and more seats. 

For this reason it 12 volt Wrangler has more space than a 6 volt Jeep Wrangler.


Jeep Wrangler 6 volt: 31 lbs

Jeep Wrangler 12 volt: 57 lbs

For the same reasons, the weight of 12 volt cars are also higher. I have already mentioned that a 12 volt battery weight is higher than a 6 volt battery.

Max speed

Jeep Wrangler 6 volt: 2.5 mph ( 4 km/h) forward and backward

Jeep Wrangler 12 volt: forward 5 mph (8 km/h) backward – 2.5 mph (4 km/h)

The forward speed of this 6 volt car is 2.5 mph whereas it is 5 mph for the 12 volt Jeep Wrangler which is double. 

However, the reverse speed of 6 volt and 12 volt Jeep Wrangler are same. I think they did it for safety purpose.

Number of seats 

Jeep Wrangler 6 volt:  1 seat

Jeep Wrangler 12 volt:  2 seats

This is also a great feature of 12 volt car.. Just imagine your child is driving the car along with his or her brother/sister.

Max weight of rider

Jeep Wrangler 6 volt:  50 lbs (23 kg)

Jeep Wrangler 12 volt:  130lbs (59 kg)

If the kid’s weight is higher than 50 lbs then you will not get the full performance from a 6 volt ride on car. This is because the max weight limit of the car is 50 lbs. 

In that case, you may buy a 12 volt Jeep Wrangler which has a maximum weight limit of 130 lbs.

Age group

Jeep Wrangler 6 volt:  1.5 to 4 years

Jeep Wrangler 12 volt:   3 to 7 years

 I have already mentioned that 6 volt cars are for younger kids.

According to the power wheels company fisher-price 6 volt power wheels are appropriate for 1.5 to 4 years old kids and 12 volt power wheels are for 3 to 7 years old kids.


Difference between 12v and 6v battery

No of cells

     Generally, 6 volt battery contains 3 cells and 12 volt battery contains 6 cells. Each cell are of 2 volts.


     The weight of a 12 volt battery is higher than 6 volt battery. 

       If you are an adult, you will probably be able to carry a 6 volt battery by yourself. However, it is very hard to carry a 12 volt battery.


     Price of 12 volt battery is also higher than 6 volt battery.

 When I last checked,  the price of power wheels’ 12 volt battery was 83 dollars. For 6 volt battery, the price was 52 dollars.

Visit this link to find out the current price.

What happens when you switch 6v and 12v battery?

If you add a 12 volt battery to a 6 volt power wheel, then the 6volt motor will get too much power and as a result, the motor may burn down.

On the other hand, if you add a 6 volt battery to a 12 volt electric car, the motor will not get enough power to function properly.

So, if you are buying the battery of your electric car, be careful to buy the appropriate battery.



6 volt cars are good for 1 to 3 year old kids who will ride the car indoors. On the other hand, 12 volt cars are for 4 to 7 years old kids who will really enjoy the exciting ride outdoors along with their siblings and friends. The main reason behind this is, 12 volt cars are built with 12 volt motor which is powerful enough to do those tasks. Due to those reasons, their price is also higher.

What is your opinion about it? Which type of car do you prefer most?

If you have any question or opinion about it let me know in the comments section.



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