Can power wheels get wet? What you should do if they get wet

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I was thinking about where to store a power wheel. Can I store it outside of our home? Will it be a problem if the power wheel gets wet?

I did a little research and here is what I have found.

If your power wheel gets wet in the rain, most probably it will still work. However, it is not recommended. If the power wheel stops working after getting wet, then dry the battery along with the battery compartment and then charge the battery. 

If it still does not work, then you should go to the power wheel service center. Alternatively, you can test the battery and other parts of the power wheel and replace them by yourself.

Below, I will discuss this in greater detail.

First things first: Do not store your power wheel in an open space

If you are thinking about storing your power wheel outside your home in an open space, then I would suggest you not to do so. Nor do manufacturers of power wheels even support it.

Although I have regularly seen power wheels still working even if buried under a pile of snow, more typically they will stop working.

They may also get wet in the rain. If the battery somehow comes into contact with the water then this may cause a problem.

If the power wheel gets wet, it will make the electrical components become corroded or rusted.

During snowy or rainy weather, you should store the vehicle inside or under a protective cover.

How should you wash a power wheel?

Then the inevitable question that may come to your mind is, how should you wash the power wheel since it will get wet and thus may cause a problem.

I Iave seen some people washing their power wheel with a hosepipe. However, I do not think it is a good idea. This said, if you do so, always remember to keep the battery pack dry.

Here are some steps to clean power wheels without the battery getting wet:

  • The best way to do it is to use a hand towel with a bucket of hot water. You may add some mild detergent to the water, along with some bleach
  • Dip a hand towel in the water. Then wring out the wet hand towel. Now use the hand towel to clean up the power wheel
  • Following this, take a bucket of clean water and clean the hand towel and wring it out
  • Now use this clean towel to wipe out any soap from the power wheel.
  • It is a good idea to spray some disinfectant on the power wheel.

What should you do if your power wheel does not start after getting wet?

If you have bad luck, you may find that your power wheel is not starting. To be truthful, it may happen even without getting wet.

It may happen if the power wheel becomes really old.

Maybe the charge of the battery is over. If you find that, the power wheel is not working do the following things –

  • Dry the battery as well as the battery compartment.
  • Charge the battery fully.
  • Now check if your power wheel is working.

What if your power wheel is still not working

There can be two different scenarios.

Either your battery is gone, 


you are having problems with some other components of the power wheel.

What can you do about it?

Go to power wheels service center.

If you are a busy person or just want to get rid of the hassle, the best thing to do is to find out the nearest power wheel service center.

You can find the nearest service center by going to the following link. Just put your zip/postal code into the form, and you will see a list of power wheel service centers.

Here is the link for finding out your nearest power wheel service centers:

Or, you may try to fix it by yourself.

Maybe you are a person who likes to take challenges. If you want to do it by yourselfthen here are the steps through which you should go through to fix the power wheel by yourself.

I cannot guarantee that it will work, but but many experts are doing these things.

Find out if the battery is okay or not

The first step is to check the most probable scenario. Most probably your battery is gone.

The problem is, batteries are expensive. For this reason before buying a battery, you should test if it is really out of order or not.

Try with a different battery

If you have another power wheel with a battery of same voltage, then try adding that battery to your wet power wheel. After adding the new battery, if the wet power wheel is working then definitely it is a problem of your battery.

In this case, before throwing the battery away, you may try one last time with the bad battery. Just dry the battery and the charger if needed. Charge the battery continuously for two days and try again. If it still does not work, then replacing the battery is the only way.

Or, test with a voltmeter

1. Voltmeter

You will need a voltmeter. You may already have it. If you do not have a voltmeter, you may borrow it from a neighbor or a friend. Or, you may buy it from a local hardware store or from online. The price is $10 to $15.

2. Test the charger

1) Connect the charger to the power outlet.


2) Switch the voltmeter knob to 20 DC.

3) Now take the electrode and touch them to the terminal of the charger. Point the positive and negative properly.

4) If you get a negative reading, just flip the electrode to the terminal.

5) For a 6 volt charger, the reading should be more than 6 volts and a 12-volt changer the reading should be more than 13 volts.

If you get lower readings as mentioned in step 5, then you have a problem with your charger, and you need to replace the charger.

3. Test the battery

If the charger is giving a proper reading, then it is time to check the battery.

1) Take the electrode of the voltmeter and touch them to the terminal of the battery. Point the positive and negative properly.

2) If you get a negative reading, just flip the electrode to the terminal.

3) For a 12 volt battery, the reading should be more than 10.5

4) For a 6 volt battery, the reading should be at least 5. If the value gets lower as 3 or 4, you should think about replacing the battery.

If you find problems with your battery reading on step 4 or 5, then you will have to change them.

However, before changing them, you may try one last time by charging the battery for continuously two days and trying them again. If it still does not work then you have to replace the battery.

If the battery is okay, then check these parts

If you find that your battery is giving you proper readings, but your electric car is not working, then most probably one or more of your power wheel parts is not working.

You may try replacing them one by one as the price or the parts are not that high. If you have another power wheel which has the same parts, then you may test with them. Otherwise, you will have to buy the parts one by one. The cost of the parts is around 10 to 40 dollars. You may buy them directly or from online.

Check the power wheels website to buy the parts:

1. Check the foot pack

Sometimes there is a lot of debris which does not allow the wheel to function properly. You may try cleaning it. If it still does not work, you can order one and replace it. The price should be around 15 dollars. They should be available on Amazon.

2. Check the shifter

The shifter generally has 2 different switches inside them. They are also inexpensive. The price is around 18 dollars. You will find them on Amazon.

3. Check the gearbox

Gearbox is a little more hard to replace. They are located next to the back wheel. To get them, you will have to open the wheel hub and the wheel screw. After that remove the wheel. Then you will find the gearbox.

The price of a gearbox is a little high. It is around 40 dollars.


It is a good idea not to get your power wheels wet. If you store it outside do not forget to use a protective cover. Do not use a hosepipe to clean up your power wheel. Instead, use a towel to clean them up. If your power wheel stops working then take it to a power wheel service center or try to fix them by yourself which are described in this article.

What do you think about it? How do you clean your power wheel? Have you ever fixed a power wheel by yourself?

Let me know in the comments section.




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