Are Power Wheels good for kids?

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People often ask if power wheels are good for kids. The answer is pretty much straight forward.


Yes, Power wheels are good for kids in many ways. They are a great catalyst for kids’ physical and emotional development. Power wheels improve the kids’ gross and fine motor skills as well as their coordination and balance. They help the kids to become more creative and confident. Playing with power wheels stimulates the physical activities of the kids.


I am going to discuss them in more detail.


Good for Neurological Development


Improvement of gross and fine motor skill

Motor skill is the motion that is initiated because of the collective engagement of muscle, nervous system, and brain. It is very important for a child to grasp the idea of how the nervous system and muscles work together with the instruction from the brain.

Examples of fine motor skills are picking up small objects or holding a small spoon. Whereas for gross motor skill the example can be rolling over or sitting. Gross motor skill uses a large muscle group of the body.

Researches prove the benefits of physical activities on gross and fine motor skills. The interesting fact about the ride on toys is, they help to improve both gross and fine motor skills.

There are switches and keys in the ride on toys that need to be moved. This will improve the fine motor skills.

Many of the ride on toys have paddles. Paddling the ride on cars improves gross motor skills. Even in the battery powered ride on toys, there are lots of movements and vibrations, which helps to improve the gross motor skills of the child.

Balance and coordination

Getting inside and outside of the ride requires balancing skills. If the ride on is a two or three wheeler it will require more balancing skills. 

Some of the rides work on the paddle. While paddling a kid learns how to move the hands and legs in a synchronous manner. This improves their coordination.


Good for Mental Development


Develops A Sense of Independence

Well, a power wheel does not move automatically. You will have to drive it. 🙂

When a kid starts to drive something, he or she starts to feel something new. It is a sense of independence that helps to reshape his psychology for his upcoming life challenges.  

Boosts Self Confidence

A sense of independence boosts the self-confidence of the children as well. They will learn how to handle different situations in different ways which will stay in their subconscious mind forever.

They will know that they can change something when they take charge. 

Develop a sense of discovery

Another good thing is, it will develop their sense of discovering new places. They will learn to look for new places and invent new things.

Enhances social skills

Children can play with power wheels in groups. Sometimes they race together. When playing outdoors, kids can explore new places together. (Parents should keep an eye on them while they are outdoors) They learn how to communicate and help each other. 

Teach the kids to follow instructions

The kids are taught how to ride a power wheel. How to follow the traffic laws and rules. As a result, a kid will learn how to follow instructions which will definitely help for his upcoming life.

Good for Physical Development


Well, this is the most obvious one!

Power wheels encourage kids to participate in various physical activities in a joyful manner. As they take it as fun, they don’t even realize that they are exercising. 

This is great for his physical health.



Power wheels are great for a kid’s physical as well as mental health. It has a great impact on his neurological development. However, taking safety precautions is also very important. So, please learn about safety measures before letting your kid drive a power wheel.


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